Dealership Products

Vehicle dealerships rely on various marketing items to promote their brand and enhance customer experience. Custom license plate frames and keychains ensure continuous brand visibility. Car flags and showroom banners attract attention and highlight promotions. Custom floor mats and window stickers add a professional touch to new vehicles. Brochures and test drive forms provide essential information and streamline processes. Service reminder stickers and promotional pens keep the dealership in customers’ minds. Dealership apparel and custom calendars promote the brand daily. Vehicle decals and umbrellas extend branding beyond the showroom. Custom coffee mugs and customer feedback forms enhance the customer experience, while windshield banners and custom seat covers add a personal touch. Car chargers and reusable shopping bags are practical giveaways that keep the dealership top-of-mind.

Top 20 Marketing Items Ordered by Vehicle Dealerships

Custom License Plate Frames

Branded frames for vehicles, promoting the dealership on the road.


Practical keychains with dealership branding for new car owners.

Car Flags

Decorative flags for vehicles, ideal for promotions and events.

Showroom Banners

Large banners for the showroom to highlight promotions and special offers.

Custom Floor Mats

Branded floor mats for cars, adding a professional touch to new vehicles.

Window Stickers

Informative stickers for vehicle windows, displaying price and features.


Detailed brochures showcasing vehicle features, financing options, and promotions.

Test Drive Forms

Professional forms for customers to fill out before taking a test drive.

Service Reminder Stickers

Custom stickers for reminding customers of their next service appointment.

Promotional Pens

Branded pens for customers, promoting the dealership with every use.

Dealership Apparel

Custom apparel for staff, including shirts, hats, and jackets with the dealership logo.

Custom Calendars

Branded calendars for customers, keeping the dealership's name visible all year.

Vehicle Decals

Custom decals for branding dealership vehicles and courtesy cars.


Branded umbrellas for giveaways, keeping customers dry and promoting the dealership.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Branded mugs for the dealership’s lounge area or as customer gifts.

Customer Feedback Forms

Forms to gather customer feedback on their experience at the dealership.

Windshield Banners

Large banners for vehicle windshields, promoting sales and events.

Custom Seat Covers

Branded seat covers for new vehicles, adding a personal touch.

Car Chargers

Custom car chargers for mobile devices, branded with the dealership logo.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly bags for customers, promoting the dealership with every use.

The marketing items for vehicle dealerships have been selected for their effectiveness in promoting your brand and enhancing the customer experience. Items like custom license plate frames, keychains, and showroom banners help keep your dealership's name visible and memorable. From promotional pens to branded apparel, these products are designed to provide practical value while reinforcing your brand. While these items are among our most requested, we offer a wide variety of other marketing solutions tailored to vehicle dealerships. Browse our full range to find the perfect items to boost your dealership’s marketing efforts.